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Thread: 2018.07.09 - Montreux, Switzerland @ Montreux Jazz Festival

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    2018.07.09 - Montreux, Switzerland @ Montreux Jazz Festival

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    Really glad I decided to make this show. Montreux is gorgeous and not somewhere I would have thought of visiting before, but I will be back!

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    The sound was great, and it felt like having a gig in my living room the band were so close. The setlists remain interesting several shows in and there was a huge amount of energy in the room - quite subdued on the face of it, but lots of fun.

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    It was also refreshing to have a decent support act...I felt like getting almost a full Gary Numan set was an absolute bonus and while the tickets to this show were very expensive they were worth every penny

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    Unless I manage to scrape together a ticket to Thailand or find someone to come to Mexico with me this will be my last show of the year (I'm too brown/female/African to risk my life in the USA) and if that's the case I have a great collection of shows to look back on and even more NIN friends to keep in touch with.

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    That was a nice snow, but the crowd was not very into it where I was (on the right in front of Robin). A girl behind me was screaming for me to drop my arm that was in the air on some songs WTF.
    Anyway, the sound was really good, and Reznor seems to be really happy to play here that night.

    Also, Gary Numan joined NIN to play Metal for an encore
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    This was a good show. Well worth going. Thank you to the band or whoever decides where they tour for again introducing me to a place i want to go back to, and as part of the tour for introducing me to people i want to see again. That's what following the band around is best for really. I hope they had a day off to enjoy the festival the next day, as it was a really cool event to spend time at, despite Switzerland being appalling for the bank balance... Can you believe the tickets almost cost as much as a USA ticket?!? Unthinkable.

    As whatshername up there says, the queue was again a mess, but nothing like as bad as Berlin, or Paris. For one the small Brazilian/French girl wasn't there to act like a dipshit. But more importantly, as is the Swiss way, some people paid a HUGE fucking premium to access the show 1 minute early having queued for all of eight minutes, so about ten people on the barrier dead centre were lined up before anyone else gets let in. What do these early accesses proceed to do? Stand motionless during the excellent support and the main lot, some filming the whole show in 1-2minute clips which I'm sure they will watch again and again/never...

    Doesnt matter. Had fun. Great show. For those that dont look at setlist.fm:
    Eater of Dreams
    Me, I'm Not
    March of the Pigs
    The Lovers
    Shit Mirror
    Ahead of Ourselves
    God Break Down the Door
    I'm Afraid of Americans
    Gave Up
    The Great Destroyer
    Less Than
    The Hand That Feeds
    Head Like a Hole
    Metal (with Gary Numan)

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