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In the original version, you needed to press a key to use "mouse look". In source ports this is turned on by default.
You could also hit two separate "look up" and "look down" keyboard keys. But it was possible to get through the whole campaign without ever looking up and down, iirc; at least, on Easy.

It's like discovering a whole new world once you embrace the 3D though

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So, is the remastered version worth getting? Did anyone here buy it? I watched a video on YouTube, but it looks identical to the original to me.
I've inherited the remaster on Steam, but haven't got it to load yet (on Linux so it's not just "click play"). I don't remember ever buying Quake on steam in the first place but I must have done. I've still got my 1.01 CD from 1996 and I just use the data from it with source ports normally... anyway, I've gone ahead and bought it for Switch. If you are a fan of Quake it's worth it, it's a fun version. There's some nice modern tweaks that even the source ports don't have (on the other hand, there's plenty of features we've had in the source ports for years that it *doesn't* have). The Quake 64 add-on is a cool little addition. I haven't played the modern Machinegames expansions nor re-played the original ones yet but they're all included. You get split screen MP, bots built-in, and cross-platform network multiplayer. The switch has gyro controls if you like that sort of thing.