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I have to draw a line somewhere. If there is no source for the show, I will generally use a phone audio recording just to have the performance documented and archived. But if there are proper audience recordings (like Ed Davis' or Innerturmoil's) I generally stay away from the phone recordings. I still try and keep quality on the site and I still want good audio recordings with proper gear on the archive. Quality assurance isn't my biggest concern with the archive, but there needs to be a cutoff.

Example... If I archived every video recording of NIN on the archive. Do I archive one that was done with a proper camcorder AND the guy on YouTube who uploaded snippets of each song? Hard to make that call. Hope this makes more sense.
I understand...the only reason why I asking is because I noticed you popped up a recording for the final night in LA that was listed as a 1.5 out of 5 and I knew my recording was waaaay better quality, but I understand you wanting proper gear recordings up. Thanks again for doing all the work on the site, its awesome to have my recordings readily available for everyone to download