Hey, I just finished remixing and rearranging this older album I made after several months of work. It's kind of bizarre, experimental, melodic synth-pop with an absurdist story based on a screenplay I had written about a wealthy family that grows a money tree in their back yard while attempting to shield their children from the corrosive effects of being raised as a wealthy kid by raising them as middle class. Their daughter has a relationship with the sun, who can talk to her, eventually learns of her parents deception, and rebels against them, joining up with a league of metaphysical fighters known as the rebels. It's totally goofy and fun and one of my favorite albums of mine.

Here's a link: http://pbgut.bandcamp.com/album/demalgamation

The cover features a man playing arcade games inside a spleen.

Thanks for listening. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.