Hello, I already explained that, but it didn't make ninwiki, just wanted to say the full story one more time.
In 1998 Virgin gave a full promo package for a new industrial french band called "Sin" something dark and worked, sounds very interesting, and they allways claimed their NIN influence. So

I attended their first big show: the promo package included a big stage, and I was very impressed to hear before the show an unknown but familiar Closer mix ! So started my quest for that rare french mix !
Eventually it wasn't a big success (at least for Virgin) and their second album is looking like their last. However their single Painful will stay as a large hit, and appears in very great stuff like : The Transporter 2, The Crow 3, Paco Rabane ad, and the famous VRally2 intro.
I met Vincent Brunello as barman in one of the best metal bar in Paris, he's their guitar player, actually I made some nin event here while they were playing, so I met him several time, and I had to ask where they were hiding their own Closer remix ? Then he explained to me it wasn't really them, but a friend of them called Paul de Carli who made it, and he later even handled me a CD of it ! So I started to advertize this, mostly on the french NIN fan club side, where we were already advertising them now and them, and they also offered numberous years the mp3 on their official website, now dead.
Their third CD came out in 2003, a bunch of mixes, with a sticker mentionning Oomph and Nin ! Actually this is at least one Sin mix by Paul De Carli on it.
What's the connection between Nin and Paul De Carli ? Well he's one of two french ppl credited on Closer to god.
Years later the nin world discovered it on the official rarities playlist as a "closer mix that didn't make the EP" but the fact that it is so close to Closer (Internal) but lighter, make me say it actually made the EP, and was later re-remixed.
So yes, I'm supposed to have it on CD but cannot find it back, and at the early internet years I only made a mp3 of it. I am probably the first one to mention a thrust mix online, or at very least a "sin" mix : I cannot remember if it was printed on the cd or if they first wrote it on their website.
Anyway the story is not about me, but where the rare mix came from and where it was publically played the first time.