I've made a ton of music with my computer and occasionally a couple other people here and there.

One I made a little over a year ago, ETERNAL WOODSTOCK '99, is a weird hybrid of IDM, 90s industrial sounds, jazz instrumentation and rock. It's all electronic and sample based, and one song was played on the BBC3's Late Junction show a couple years back. It's up here on Bandcamp to stream: https://goodbyetheband.bandcamp.com/...l-woodstock-99

An older album of mine, MOST OF MY MEMOIRS ARE PLAGIARIZED, was a soundtrack for a movie I made with a couple of other people. It mixes some Beach Boys style instrumentation with arpeggiators and Captain Beefheart style irregular loops. It's probably my favorite thing I've made: https://goodbyetheband.bandcamp.com/...re-plagiarized

The movie is up here if you're into low budget amateur features:

All the music can be found for free to download on the Internet Archive. There's earlier music up there with vocals. Thanks for listening. https://archive.org/search.php?query...ye+The+Band%22