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Thread: NIN Poster Collections

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah K View Post
    Only a 212.5% markup. V GOOD DEAL
    ... and that is why I don't go after posters if I miss out on the initial release at a show. They sell out quick. I think some people try and buy as many as the merch folks will sell them so that they can resell at stupid mark ups on ebay. I did get the police state poster on nin.com, very happy with that price.

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    I missed out on the posters on nin.com but I was able to get the 2017 poster from the artist. I paid a bit extra for it. But I was happy to support the artist directly and know that it wasn't someone getting a profit on eBay. Sucks that happens. But some just take the opportunity and run with it.

    I think the only one I am looking for now is the London Astoria 2005 litho. Rob was selling one on eBay a few months ago and the thing went for like $50!! I am kicking myself for not jumping on it.

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