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    Quote Originally Posted by Demogorgon View Post
    No, i don't think you do. But trying to have a discussion with any of you is like smashing my face against a brick wall. I can't believe i'm saying this, but i actually miss allegro's contributions here, because at least she'd engage in open conversation.
    You don’t actually want a discussion, though. You want your nonsensical way and you want to provoke your way into getting it. You’re far from the first to do this here. Your claim that Hillary is as bad as Trump was short sighted in 2016. It’s fucking crazy to say it now.

    The Supreme Court, immigration, alienating our allies, pardoning horrific people, “many sides,” destroying the environment, colluding and/or being compromised by Russia, starting a trade war, rolling back financial regulation, and so on. This isn’t difficult!

    I very publicly supported Bernie Sanders (voted for him in the primary), know that Hillary and the DNC fucked him and I STILL voted for her in the election because she’s STILL EONS BETTER THAN TRUMP.

    Not only do you not want a discussion but there’s none to be had here.
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