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Thread: Trump 2018 - Trump loses the House and his legislative agenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by TinDefacto View Post
    Okay, we seem to be on similar pages then -- my bad. I've been seeing so much crap on Facebook of liberal friends suddenly becoming Amazon fanboys overnight and at first glance this seemed like more of the same. Sorry for leaping to that conclusion. As I said, I'm not against these investigations taking place, and I am also happy that there will potentially be some accountability here; I just thought you were cheering them on for other reasons. (The accountability aspect also didn't come to mind at first because I usually think of his many other corruptions/potential investigations first.)

    You're totally right, and I agree with everything you're saying here -- I had just been misunderstanding theimage13's point! For what it's worth, I definitely HAVE seen some people suddenly become Amazon fanboys overnight because of this, so I'd originally thought this was just more of the same -- my apologies. It had just been really grating on me. I agree that Trump definitely does not care at all about how Amazon treats its employees, and that his vendetta against them is almost certainly due to the Washington Post, but I hadn't interpreted this as being about accountability.

    Alright, back to lurking for me. :P
    Hey don't worry, it's all good. It was a good post, and a good convo.

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    So Trump is saying he likes Pelosi and can somehow convince house Republicans to support her as Speaker.

    I'm going to come right out and say that it looks like a ploy. I'm guessing the plan is to make her look tainted to more liberal Democrats, so when they refuse to support her he can keep pointing the finger and calling them obstructionists.

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