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I clocked 21 hours and am on route to Mountain Knot City. I salute your game completion sir. I got a ways to go.
To be fair, I DID spend a ridiculous amount of time doing things the slow way before I got access to more vehicles and other modes of transportation. When you sidestep all that, the game gets considerably shorter. It’s also how I always played Metal Gear though - Go through once and just get the experience down, allowing for mistakes and whatnot, then again with a fine-toothed comb.

It sounds like you can still do 99% of all the things in the post-game, though. I just like clean slates, heh. Plus, reading all the emails and interviews in real time as I find them has filled in a lot of blanks story-wise, better than I think they would if I just sat down and read them all after the story was over.