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Thread: Seasons of the Nine Inch Nails

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    Seasons of the Nine Inch Nails

    @chuckrh @iamclassic - I actually thought of making a thread like this ages ago, but somehow completely forgot about it. Thank you for indirectly reminding me to do just that. It would somehow seem to make sense on some level if a lot of us listen to Nine Inch Nails all year round anyway.

    Anyway, it applies like any other thread that lists and ranks Nine Inch Nails albums, but with seasons instead. (You can select more than one season per release if you'd like, just not all of them. And if so, just select the season or seasons you feel each release leans more towards in your opinion.)

    Pretty Hate Machine - Winter
    Broken - Summer
    The Downward Spiral - Autumn
    The Fragile - Winter
    And All That Could Have Been (Still) - Spring
    With Teeth - Spring
    Year Zero - Summer
    The Slip - Autumn
    Hesitation Marks - Spring
    Not The Actual Events - Autumn
    Add Violence - Summer

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    Pretty Hate Machine - Spring
    Broken - Summer
    The Downward Spiral - Late Autumn
    The Fragile - Winter (Though some of the sea feel makes me want to pick summer.)
    And All That Could Have Been - Spring
    Still - Winter
    With Teeth - Summer
    Year Zero - Late Summer/Early Autumn
    The Slip - Early Autumn
    Hesitation Marks - Spring
    Not The Actual Events - Late Autumn
    Add Violence - Summer

    -------Actual Release Seasons -----------
    Pretty Hate Machine - Autumn
    Broken - Autumn
    The Downward Spiral - Late Winter
    The Fragile - Autumn
    And All That Could Have Been - Winter
    Still - Winter
    With Teeth - Spring
    Year Zero - Spring
    The Slip - Spring
    Hesitation Marks - Summer
    Not The Actual Events - Early Winter
    Add Violence - Summer

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    "The Fragile" have always felt like a summer album to me, i even remember a sumer vacation i spent listening to it in my Discman over and over (i'm old, i know)

    "The Downward Spiral" is a winter album and perfect for holiday season (as we explained on the "Random NIN Thoughts", thread...)
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    PHM - fall
    broken - spring
    tds - fall
    tf - fall
    still - winter
    with teeth - summer
    yz - (dystopian future) summer
    ts - fall
    hm - summer
    ntae - winter
    av - fall

    fall is my favorite season so it's no surprise i associate a lot of NIN releases with it

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    Obv Purest Feeling is a bright sunny summertime day in the late 80s...I get a big Sonny Crockett Miami Vice feel for that album....
    PHM is the fall..The sunny times of Purest Feeling are starting to turn cold. The leaves are starting to come out. Its starting to get colder and darker
    Everything from Broken up through Still is Winter. A cold dark winter. Think Nicholson in The Shining
    WT is the spring. Trents newfound sobriety, coming out of the darkness, kind of like how spring weather is a renewal of good weather, coming out of the dark bleak winter
    YZ has no season, its more like an apocalypse...
    Slip is kind of like summer. Even though its a hard hitting record, it seems TR is having fun with it. Fun like in the summer
    I dont know what HM is. Season wise or musical wise. I'm still confused by it
    NTAE is clearly back into winter. Dark and Cold
    AV is like the fall. A mix of warm summer weather and the upcoming cold winter. In between
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