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Thread: The E-mail Thread

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    The E-mail Thread

    I was just thinking about E-mail again as I was reminded as how even in spite of how much has changed with forums and social media, we still need to use E-mail to register and sign in just about any website. It has also occurred to me more and more that sometimes, I just want to converse with somebody electronically without having to resort to forums, social media or even texting for that matter. And since Echoing the Sound started in 2002 (To still think that it's already been this long, with it being around way before YouTube, Facebook and Gmail on top of that.), I'd imagine and guess that there were probably lots and lots of users that used Hotmail and Yahoo. (If not just AOL.)

    My first experience with E-mail was AOL, and then MSN, which could've have very well been just Hotmail, but that's what I used at the time. I also tried and still like Yahoo. However, I could see why both Gmail and Outlook after often favorites of most people I know. I also have a hunch that Gmail will be the most liked webmail provider here. It pretty much wins, and I'd guess from not just being from Google and coming with it, but also having YouTube as well. Hotmail also still seems to exist, but it's all run under Outlook this time around. However, you can still use the Hotmail domain name.

    I was also reading advice on E-mail domain names and resumes/job searches/interviews, and Gmail and Outlook were the most recommended ones. (That is, aside from having one's own professionally custom made domain name.)

    Anyway, which E-mail providers do you prefer? Which one do you consider to be the best, if any?

    As for me, while I still liked what I saw from Yahoo and AOL, I'd have to go with Outlook and Gmail for my first go-to webmail providers.

    And as much as texting has taken over, I actually sometimes prefer E-mail so much more, especially when I intend to have longer and more in depth conversations, which may or may not include URLs, pictures and videos.

    Last edited by Halo Infinity; 11-18-2017 at 11:11 PM. Reason: I'm still guessing that when ETS first came out in 2002, there were lots of AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo users registered on ETS.

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    Gmail, plus Outlook for some less important stuff I don't want synchronized on my phone. (the less notifications the better)

    But anyway, I'll be alone with this, but remembering how efficient "e-mailing" was using e.g. GoldEd editor on FIDOnet, e-mail is unusable for thoughtful, long communication about more than 1 topic. Then we had automatic quoting of replied text, inserting response under quoted part, then under another, all plaintext only but the editor was displaying it (edit: and reformating, no lines cut in the middle) so it was instantly clear what is what and history kept. Try that now, you'd have to resort to manual editing of fonts and colors (no, even big Outlook can't manage this properly), then the reply would appear completely damaged so you'd just give up. You know, something like this: https://goo.gl/images/68RpHA
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    I use email a lot less than I used to. I don't send messages anymore. I only log in to check my inbox and most of it is junk. We don't use email at all at work. When I worked in finance, a lot of the law firms we corresponded with didn't use email.

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    Gmail for my phone and family, Hotmail\ outlook (showing age?) for everything else i.e. web site signups ordering shit off amazon etc.

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