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Yes I know.

And the whole reason "cleavage and men looking" was being discussed in the first place was because Cashpiles said: "men must control their behavior, because it can cause harm. However, what about women helping men by wearing clothing that doesn't draw men's eyes to the parts of women's bodies that women don't like random men looking at."

This was a ludicrous statement with no relevance to a thread about sexual assault. Nor did the ensuing conversation that it inspired have any relevance to the thread topic. The only reason someone would bring this up in a thread about sexual assault would be to suggest that women's clothing has something to do with men "controlling their behavior" (i.e: not raping). Which it clearly doesn't.
Well, you donít get to dictate what is relevant and what not, or the value of other peopleís opinions, but apparently you think you do.

Itís funny how you made one interpretation of what cashpiles said, and i made a different one... it almost makes me think that maybe out interpretations of what we perceive are not absolute because what we read into it is shaped by our own personal experiences which might not be the same to everybody elseís... what a crazy world, eh?