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Thread: Use of Nine Inch Nails song in media

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    Use of Nine Inch Nails song in media

    Dear EchoingTheSound participants,

    So, I've been a NIN fan for a while now, and I wanted to use a quote from one of Trent's songs in my book, but there are a lot of legal issues that I'd have to go through to warrant me using it. For instance, I can't use add the quote to my book, I have to get the authors and producers permission, which sucks. I understand if someone was trying to infringe on his rights by stealing the lyrics, but I wish to quote him earnestly, as it sets the perfect mood, and inspired me to write the book in the first place. I don't plan to use it without permission, as it's illegal, but I was wondering if anyone knew a way to get in touch with the man himself or anyone I could talk to as to get permission. It'd mean a lot to me, but I know I'm new here and don't know the ropes, so I don't know if this is allowed. I wasn't sure where else to ask, so I figured, why not here? Anyways! I hope this is alright.


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    You can always try contacting the band management company. You may also want to be sure that T-Rez owns the rights to whichever song you're referring to. I think he got most of them back but he wrote Starf***ers for a reason.

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