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Thread: Top Album Closer

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    Other than Zero-Sum...

    Orbital - Out There Somewhere? (In Sides). Perhaps cheating a bit since it's a two-parter, but it somehow manages to justify every second of its 23 minute-plus running time.

    Depeche Mode - Corrupt (Sounds of the Universe). One of my all-time favorite DM tracks in a fairly unexpected spot. I've soured on their setlists lately, but the inclusion of Corrupt was a major factor in motivating me to turn out for the Spirit tour.

    Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light (Night Work). Ian McKellen spoken word for the win (oh, and the music...).

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    Joy Divison - Decades [Closer]
    Stevie Wonder - I Believe (When I Fall in Love) [Talking Book]
    Prince and the Revolution - Purple Rain [Purple Rain]
    Kanye West - Lost in the World (feat. Justin Vernon) [My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy]
    U2 - Love is Blindness [Achtung Baby]
    Gang of Four - Anthrax [Entertainment!]
    D'Angelo - Africa [Voodoo]
    Radiohead - Videotape [In Rainbowsl]
    Depeche Mode - Higher Love [Songs of Faith and Devotion]
    M.I.A. - Galang [Arular]
    Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues [Make Me Wanna Holler]
    Cocteau Twins - Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires [Heaven or Las Vegas]

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