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Thread: Ready Player One

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    I went into this movie with extremely low expectations, I resented the nostalgia-vomit nature of the marketing campaign.

    And while it didn't quite make sense, I really enjoyed it! It had more heart than I expected, I can finally see why Spielberg responded to it. Yes, it was naive, and nostalgia-vomit indeed, but it wasn't a waste of 2 hours. It was fun!

    My biggest problem is that this future world they built falls apart the moment you think about it, it's not really well thought out. But once you decide to just go with it the movie is fine.

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    What bugged me the most is that they cast a British actress to play the Canadian girl. I guess that just hurt me on a personal level because I always lobby in support of my fellow Canadians and because today is Canada Day. Also, the book was set in America and some parts in Japan, but the movie was filmed in 2 English cities. That did not seem right to me at a time when American film crews are hurting due to Hollywood productions being diverted outside of the country. Also, in spite of the numerous references to Rush in the novel, the band was pretty much excluded from the film except for the trailer. A lot of Rush fans have expressed their disappointment about this glaring omission all over the Internet. I read the book, but I probably won't bother to see the movie. The information in this post was what I gathered from Wikipedia and various other online resources.
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    So I watched this on the tv and not in the theater.

    There are times when I've seen a movie at home at thought this scene or that scene would have worked BETTER in the theater, but this is the only movie where I felt like NONE of it worked at ALL on the small screen.

    The whole time I was watching it I was thinking "oh hey, yeah. THAT would have been cool in the theater. That too! And that!"

    it kind of sucked on the small screen.

    I think I would have felt the same way about avatar if I hadn't seen it in the theater.

    This thing looked like it ONLY works in IMAX 3D

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    Just watched it...

    The plot felt rushed and as such, it doesn't do a good job of explaining why the nostalgia is important or why IOI is the EViL CoRP. To me, this makes it all feel so hollow. Maybe given a different director (with a different aesthetic) could have made something interesting... give it a Johnny Mnemonic or Ghosts With Shit Jobs vibe.

    I enjoyed the book.

    They turned a nerdy nostalgia puzzle-adventure into an action movie.
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    I never read the book but this movie feels like it was made by it's own villains.

    In one of it's better, more memorable scenes the main character has a conversation where the villain tries to temp him into giving up by proving his pop culture clout. The villain tries to "Fellow Kids" his way through a series of shallow fanboy claims fed to him by a Comittee of pop culture experts in his ear piece. That's totally exactly how this movie was made. By implimw ting second hand information without any real understanding of it's signifance.

    For all it's width and intense special effects, it's a remarkably shallow movie, even as far as shallow movies are concerned. That would be fine I guess, and so this movies shallow end game is to evoke nostalgia, also fine on it's own, but it's the nostalgia equivalent of playing every musical note at the same time and then asking the audience if they noticed their favorites. It comes close to honing this in a focused way during the Shining sequence, the director feeling compelled to homage his late friend, although not successfully doing anything truly great with that opportunity.

    Unintentionally, it's a much better mine for cringe than nostalgia. It's exhausting referencing combines with it's dated and uncomfortable sexual politics in the worst way. This is what would happen if you gave "The Big Bang Theory" people a limitless budget

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