I would love to see a documentary about the Year Zero ARG, showing interviews with fans who were actively involved like the guys that were actually running songs through spectrographs and shit, people who went to the resistance meeting and performance, or who hold physical relics like flash drives and stuff.
They could do it from a fan's eye view, revealing each piece of the puzzle as it unfolded during the game. Maybe a complete lack of involvement from anyone who worked behind the scenes like the band or 42 entertainment, to add to the mystique.
They could even do a twist ending that ties current events in and leads the viewer to believe that it could all have been real [like the buried secret of M. Night Shamaylan or that documentary Neil Gaiman wrote about the painter John Bolton]. maybe the hinted at truth is that the solutions backwards initiative succeeded in delivering to Trent material that HE wrote in the future [and had to keep secret] so he could release it two decades ahead of time and try to wake us up, but we don't listen well enough and still elect trump so year zero is approaching anyway...
of course, I just spoiled it all.

anyway, let's crowd-fund this thing! Are there any amateur documentarians out there? [in here?]