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Thread: The Personality Mixer

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    The Personality Mixer

    I could've plugged this into The Introvert Thread, but that wouldn't have been fair to extroverts... This will be cool all together anyway.

    List your MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), and optionally your age and/or other information.

    Click here if you're NOT familiar with Myers-Briggs

    Click here to take a MBTI test
    (quick and fun)

    This test by Youtopia identifies your personality type with an animal, provides a nice breakdown on your type, and also offers a description on your "Deviant Role". (Youtopia's test is, of course, just one of many, many different Myers-Briggs tests out there.)

    I've taken Youtopia's test various times (with months apart), and I've alternated between a couple of different types.

    "The Butterfly" / "The Tortured Artist" (ISFP)
    "The Elephant" / "The Earth S-mother-er" (ESFJ)

    I believe I'm more cut out for the E(xtrovert), with the rest being mostly the same. I'm 30 years old.

    If anyone has other noteworthy Myers-Briggs tests or personality type related resources in general, feel free to send them my way via PM and I'll update this post (otherwise I may collect from the thread should anything interesting come up).

    Cheers, all types!

    P.S. If you are interested in a more spiritual side of personality types, take this lengthy "enneagram" test to uncover your enneagram type and your "wing". Interesting stuff.
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