The name of my band (one man) is Darkness Within The Pages. I am a 15 year old musician who is inspired by bands such as Nine Inch Nails (If that wasn't obvious), Tool (and Maynard's other bands), RATM, Pink Floyd, Queen, QOTSA, Royal Blood, Temple Of The Dog, Chris Cornell, Foo Fighters, SoundGarden, AudioSlave, and so on. I'm not really much of a Marylin Manson fan (Please don't kill me) and I love Industrial and Instrumental music. Enjoy!

Mental Damage -
Debris -
The Break Through -
Can You Even Hear Me? -


Losing All - https://darknesswithinthepages.bandc...bum/losing-all
Into My Nothing - https://darknesswithinthepages.bandc...nto-my-nothing

These two albums were completely done by me, they are not the best, but they have their moments. My newer stuff has certainly taken a stand next to these.


Thank You, If you would like to hear newer stuff, follow my Facebook account, I post all my music there as well.