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Thread: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Spoilers

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    Quote Originally Posted by GulDukat View Post
    Terrible writing in R1? Can you be specific? I thought the writing was rather good, especially for a SW movie. What sci-fi movie would you say has good writing, for comparison?

    On another note, I still say TLJ was an excellent, well made film and hand's down the best of the sequel trilogy.
    The beginning was very rushed. It was the definition of getting through the notions. The bigger flaw, however, was the lack of team building. The team lacked chemistry and comradeship. This was especially baffling, when they were forced into arguments, which fell flat due to this. Like when Jyn was being told off after the failed mission. I can't remember the exact details now, I know I have a few posts somewhere where I explained this in detail, but I still remember how weird it was. They tried to pull off a scene, where someone is arguing with his fellow comrade, or even friend, but we have seen no such relationships blossoming, because everyone was just running from scene to scene.

    I know we can't expect a build-up like we had in Dirty Dozen, but you really need some feel-good, down to earth scenes between the characters, where they can bond. So when they argue or eventually die, it feels so much more impactful.

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