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Thread: Favorite NIN artwork

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sesquipedalism View Post
    I am having no luck citing my source here. Anyone able to lend a hand? @Leviathant? @Lt. Randazzo? @allegro? @Malechite? @sheepdean? One of y'all with ungodly NIN-related knowledge?At some point in the 1990s, I could swear I read something that said that the cover art for Broken (and, in turn, Fixed) was assembled by cutting up a picture of Trent and arranging it so it looked like flames. I cannot find any reference to this online at the moment. Because I was able to find it in the '90s, before I had an internet connection and everything in the world was archived, I think it was an interview from a reasonably major publication, but I could be wrong.

    Until now, it never even occurred to me to question the legitimacy of this interview or document (assuming it does actually exist), but given twenty years of perspective (i.e., Impossible Pain) on the weird shit people lie about, since I'm having trouble even finding it, I'm definitely curious.
    Lucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate I will feel like a bit of an ass if I've been telling people this for decades (you know, because it comes up super often) and it's been untrue.
    what is your question exactly
    dont say i am not looking
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    I don't know why I didn't post these sooner, but these pictures are also some of my most favorite artwork from Year Zero due to my constant fascination and even obsession of the connection between religion and politics. The one that combines a cross with a gun is also my ultimate favorite as a result, as it just said it all to me.

    I also thought that this was just a rather nice touch to it as well.

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