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I can tell you right now, after working in a movie theater for five years, talking with movie-goers constantly, the majority of the masses don't even NOTICE the music in movies, unless its like Guardians of The Galaxy pumping the film full of one hit wonders. Can't count how many times I'd be talking to someone about a movie they were going to see and I'd mention the score, and their reply would be "what's a score?". Now I'm sure NIN have more people than they don't who love soundtracks, but there are a FUCK TON of people out there who couldn't give a fuck less about "the background music" as others have gently put it.
That's probably a good thing, depending on your relationship to music I guess. The music is one of the first things I always take into account when watching a movie, even a great one. But it's something I could take or leave because I want to be taken in by it as a whole. It's only when you see something again and again you might pick up on what the editing or cinematography is achieving, as well as the music.

The flip side to that is there are now fewer scores out there which become almost as popular as the movie anymore. There's still good work being done, by lots of talented people in that field, but there is a difference between the kinds of scores we see now and in the 80's for example. Then again it may have always been that way too, that there are people who loved Star Wars but haven't a clue who John Williams is.