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Cold Cave was the opener and they were alright.

Soundgarden was the loudest band I've ever seen up to that point, damn man, they haven't let up at all after all these years. Chris Cornell was 50 years old and giving it 100 percent, it was really impressive.

NIN came on and I swear to fucking god, despite being seated in the back (not the lawn) it was crazy for me. I've seen all these live videos and heard some live audio ever since I got into the band in 2008 and here I was experiencing it for real. I thought NIN was finished in 2009 but I guess so did everyone else. I knew the static setlist going in and was going to enjoy it anyways, but they changed it up and that was good. Trent was on top of his game during Copy of A, flying around the stage with his guitar. Frail/Wretched happened, I ain't got anything to say because you all know how that goes. Find My Way blew me away in the instrumental section due to the bass being so deep and Trent's guitar additions.

The highlight came when they did The Great Destroyer and then Eraser. I was completely blown away by seeing my two favorite NIN songs of all time. I could've just gone home after Eraser because that shit was too real. TDTWWA was some sort of emotional thing that I cannot describe. Amazing show. The visuals were great and so was the sound. What did suck though was being in the California heat in late August.
Seen them 3 times and not once have they played Eraser any of those times.