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Thread: Jakalope

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    Not sure if anyone cares about this band anymore, seems like it was a short lived fad amungst NIN fans in the early 00's.

    But they recorded a 3rd album called "Things that go jump in the night" with their new singer Crystal.
    I listened to this album for the first time last night, went in with rather low expectations, and dare i say i actually kinda enjoyed what I heard.

    It's way better then Born4, and... It's on par with it dreams, In my opinion. Maybe even a little better... I donno, like I said call me crazy but I didn't mind it at all.

    Either way, they are going on a mini west coast tour in January and Febuary with Left Spine Down (another local cyperpunk band from Vancouver, who opened for ohGr recently).
    Here are the dates:

    January 19th - Portland, OR- The Fez Ballroom
    January 21st - Los Angeles, CA -Bar Sinister
    January 22nd - San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge
    January 28th - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
    February 3rd - Vancouver, BC - Cobalt

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    this band-thing perplexed me. the music was awful and almost embarrassing, really. everything about this was just bad, cliched, paint-by-numbers synth pop. has reznor ever acknowledged being a part of it? i know what the liner notes say, but i was always skeptical. judging by the pacific northwest venues, they don't have tons of fans left, anyway.

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