Here's a random thread idead set your iTunes/Winamp/whatever to shuffle and post what the first 10 songs you got, along with some thoughts on them!
I'll go first (obviously):
  1. Leningrad Нашла. A song by a Russian ska band, a cover/parody of a song by a more famous artist. Nothing of note
  2. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Higgs Boson Blues. A lovely track, my favourite one from that album. The lyrics spoil it a bit, though Hannah Montana? Seriously?
  3. John 5 Death Valley. A guilty pleasure of mine, and the only shredder I can listen to. It's a fun track, just as all the rest of his solo songs (bar some very rare exceptions).
  4. Rob Zombie Return of the Phantom Stranger. TBH, I don't like Rob Zombie's early stuff, there's too much industrial/electronica going on, and I enjoy the riff-oriented stuff he's been making of late.
  5. xx Chained. I adore their first record, and the second I can casually listen to, but I honestly don't even remember individual songs from it for some reason. Not that it's a bad record, it's just... OK.
  6. David Lynch Darkness. A spoken word piece from his audiobook.
  7. R.E.M. UBerlin. R.E.M. was the first band whose record I bought (I was 6, so technically, my parents bought it for me it was "Up"), so they have a special place for me. I really like their last record, it has a great mood to it.
  8. Aphex Twin mortal 1 (from the Soundcloud dump). Ugh, it's just one beat processed in different ways for 5 minutes.
  9. Radiohead You and Whose Army? For some reason, Amnesiac feels so short to me, perhaps it's because there aren't a lot of proper songs on it. Hate the first half, love the big ending.
  10. Leonard Cohen Night Comes On. Don't like his songs. I can appreciate him objectively as a lyricist, but there's a certain air of misery around his songs that I can't stand. And on this album, there's an air of cheesy synths and reverb-y production. I like Songs From a Room, though.