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Thread: Action figures, dolls and other toys!

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    So i finally went ahead and re-did my room. Chucked out the old desk (that was taken up far too much room) and got one of them IKEA display units.

    Still needs a bit of work (the right sided box with the dragonball figures i'm going to make into my DB diorama as soon as i'be built 17, 18 and future Trunks, and i'll get SS4 Gogeta and Piccolo at MCM Comic-con in a months time.

    I need to add more lighting to the unit, i might move my Neno's to the left box (with my special editions) to make more room in the display.

    Need to hand up my signed tickets (it's not in any of the photos...damnit!) and move the PS4 to above the box unit (it gets VERY warm in that lower right box!)

    Lastly i'll need to put up some more shelves for LEGO and maybe add some artwork to go with my Ghost in the Shell picture. I am happy how the lighting around the bed went.

    And maybe take some better pictures lol

    All in all i'm pretty happy with my room...FINALLY!

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    EDIT: Never mind. It sold
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