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I managed to catch SRSQ at a gig in Philly last month, with Public Memory (cheers @frankie teardrop ) and your description is no exaggeration. I was kind of bummed that I wouldn't be getting an encore when TBQ came around, but I also get not wanting to saturate a market I guess. If you can catch SRSQ live, do it.

Uniform reminds me of that one band in the nine-band lineup at the all ages fire hall show in 2000. Not my cup of tea, but glad to see there are folks who are enjoying their set, so I'll leave it at that!
i feel like it can be really hard to dance/move/emote when you're stuck at a keyboard (somehow it never feels as hard on drums, despite also being stuck in place), and the fact that she can do it so well and deliver some of the most powerful, ethereal vocals at the same time, on stage by herself, is absolutely incredible.

totally get what you mean about uniform haha