I rediscovered my interest in Lemmings. I haven't played it on the Super Nintendo for 18 years, nor did I have any idea that Lemmings games were actually made on the PS2 and PS3. Perhaps I'll check out the other games, but for that I'll need an actual PS2 or PS3. I also had a PS2, but it died on me, but had I known, I would've gotten it in 2006. It's one of my earliest memories of gaming on an actual console of my own because Super Nintendo was my first system ever, and I could've sworn that I got Lemmings not too long after getting Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart. I kind of also got it not too long after Road Runner's Death Valley Rally, which I also played too much of at the this point.

And this is a given, at least for me, but I also still keep finding myself returning to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time a lot. My favorite so far is still Donatello, much to my surprise with Leonardo being a close second. It seemed to change, since Leonardo used to be my main, and then Raphael.