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    BoJack Horseman

    So...I just finished this show, burned through it in one week. It is seriously fantastic, you guys. I have seen a lot of comments from people who haven't seen very far into the series who are giving up on it and that's so disappointing because this show just gets better and better as it goes on. The first episode is pretty rough (I can see why people might give up after that) but the second episode is much better. What shocked me was how much better it got. By the end I loved it and I can't wait for season two.

    The thing about this show is, it's not hilarious. The jokes are very hit and miss and I honestly laughed maybe a few times per episode. But the thing is, it wasn't really the humor that made me want to keep watching. It was the story and the characters. This show has a surprising amount of depth, and gets really dark and sad toward the end. And it actually has serious character development which I wasn't expecting from a show like this. It's a really good, smart drama hidden inside a cartoon comedy about a talking horse. I loved it. I hope it starts to gain the audience that it deserves.

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