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Thread: General Police Misconduct aka Murdering Black People

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah K View Post
    Then there was some fuckery about POLICE ARE UNION WORKERS TOO. Lmao bro, get fucked.
    Get fucked, indeed.

    As of 2016, the Chicago Police Department cost Chicago taxpayers $662 MILLION in police misconduct settlements.

    Police misconduct cost the City of Chicago $113 million in 2018, alone.

    "The $113 million does not include cases of property damage, minor car accidents, vehicle pursuits, or employment-discrimination lawsuits. The cost is more than five times what the city budgeted for police lawsuits last year, meaning the city likely borrowed money to pay the costs of police settlements, as it has done in all but one year since 2008, according to city records."

    In February of 2020, City Counsel signed off on $10.7 million more toward police misconduct settlements.

    So, when people wonder "gee, why isn't money going toward Chicago Public Schools or toward hiring more police or toward community policing in Chicago?" YOU HAVE YOUR FUCKING ANSWER.
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    di Blasio confirms that $1 Billion will be cut from NYPD with $500 million of that redirected to the Department of Ed... But guess what it has to be spent on.

    This guy has turned out to be such a disappointment. Jesus.

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