I was going to make a thread for the PS Vita, but we might as well save space and keep all general Playstation Network/PSN Store/PS3/Vita-related news and discussion in one hub.

The latest rumor on the PS Vita is that it'll be able to play not just certain PS3 games, but 480p versions of ALL PS3-supported games - and future games may be made with an additional optimized resolution specifically for play on the Vita. If this is gonna be the case, then I'll definitely be investing in one if these babies. If not, I'll probably still be on the fence about it. Being able play all (or even just some) of my PS3 games on the go would make it a really sweet investment.

And in other news - I noticed that Plus members could get all of the PS1 Crash Bandicoot games for free in the PSN store. You bet your ass I downloaded every one!