A couple of years ago, I was bed ridden sick, and for lack of things to do, my buddy and I started screwing around with garage band.
Ever since we've been making some of the strangest music imaginable. Here's some links to streams of my favorites, you can explore, stream, download for free, or donate tons of cash to our pointless cause. CHECK IT OUT!

Leper Rodeo Extravaganza: http://octopocalypse.bandcamp.com/tr...o-extravaganza

Only One of Us is a Paradox: http://octopocalypse.bandcamp.com/tr...s-is-a-paradox

Willem Dafoe Stole my Towel: http://octopocalypse.bandcamp.com/tr...stole-my-towel

Why I Hate Dakota Fanning: http://octopocalypse.bandcamp.com/tr...dakota-fanning

Space Jam 2: Michael's New Hat: http://octopocalypse.bandcamp.com/tr...chaels-new-hat

Make Time for Duchovny (We're Doin' It): http://octopocalypse.bandcamp.com/tr...y-were-doin-it

Rock That Low Rider (Fo' a Week): http://octopocalypse.bandcamp.com/tr...ider-fo-a-week

Also: Here's a live performance of "Willem Dafoe Stole My Towel" It starts with an opening band and ends spectacularly. It is a surprise performance in front of 50 faculty and staff at the opening of CSUMB's student center....lulz

and here is an awesome trailer/music video for the third album (involving a song I kind of stole from NIN):