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Thread: Lyrics that depict your current disposition

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    Ain't nothin' new, ain't that much inside
    And if I'm counting days, dream fruition ain't what it's looking like

    But strictly speaking, I'm still on track
    Strictly speaking, I'm holding on
    One other minor setback
    But strictly speaking, I'm still on track
    And all of my dreams are still inside
    'Cause strictly speaking, I've got my whole life
    I lost the wheel a while back
    But strictly speaking, I'm still on track
    Challenges falling in my lap
    Strung out again, but still on track

    I know it's unrealistic, over-optimistic
    I know I tried before this, I know it's nearly August
    I know I can't ignore this

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    Betwixt birth and death
    Every breath regret
    I pity the living, envy for the the dead
    Emotionally stunned in defence, Im numb
    Id rather not care than to be aware be scared.

    - Type O Negative, Anesthesia

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