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Thread: Do any of you still hang out and socialize through gaming at each other's homes?

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    Do any of you still hang out and socialize through gaming at each other's homes?

    I actually tried to bring this topic up in my thread about the stigma of adults playing video games, but it also got lost in it. I was wondering if anybody still does this as adults, as least in their 20s. I can see how and why something like this would come to a complete stop in one's late 20s and 30s though. And most of the time, I don't often hear, read, or see any discussions about socializing and gaming among adults anyway, unless it's really far more uncommon than I thought. I've always figured one of the reasons why I was able to do something like this way into my mid 20s, was because I had a close friend I was into most of the same video games with, and he was 5 years younger than me. We used to regularly hang out that way until he turned 20. He really was like a younger brother to me, and still is, even though we grew apart. He's also still a gamer BTW.

    I also noticed that this seems to be mostly popular and done with the high school and under crowd. If it's done with college students, it seems to be done with in the first few years of college only. So anyway, I just thought of bringing this up, just like any other thread that discusses other forms of socializing. I can also say that it seems like once people graduate high school, they completely stop doing this, or at least once they're a few years into college.

    As for my actual question, this how I've originally meant to word it, if it was able to fit into the thread title. I'm also just curious as I often am. I noticed some people mentioning that they still do something like this, but obviously not as much as they used to as elementary school, middle school, and high school students.

    Do any of you still socialize and hang out by visiting each other's houses to play video games on weekends and vacations as adults that are 18+ or 21+, or just as adults in general?
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