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I am indeed in Pennsylvania, but I'm now in Philadelphia, about a half mile from the Jersey border. Bit longer of a drive, I'm afraid.
Yea, Philly is a tad far.. I lived in New York (Long Island) all my life up until the start of 2019. It got too damn expensive. So my wife and our 2 chihuahuas packed up and moved to Chicora, PA, just outside of Butler, on New Year's Day 2019 and then moved to North Charleroi in May this year. We got no friends or family out here, but, honestly, prefer it over Long Island, especially North Charleroi. Our goal is to eventually move to Pittsburgh or just outside it. You can find an apartment in Pittsburgh for the price of what a basement studio apartment costs out on Long Island. Back on Long Island, you pay all this money for what? You can't enjoy anything anyway if all your money goes into keeping a roof over your head. I do miss playing shows. I wanted to play some shows in the Pittsburgh... until the C word came along and ruined everything.

Nice to know a fellow PA musician/producer. When I'm doing my aggressive electronica stuff, I go under the alias Neorev, which you can find on the usual music services. I also have a more experimental side project called HΞX∆GR∆M. Perhaps one day, if you're into the idea, we could collaborate and do something different.