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Thread: The Toadies

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    The Toadies

    They're going on tour for the 20th anniversary of Rubberneck. Check the dates on their site...


    Some (if not all) dates are on sale right now through the Live Nation mobile app, otherwise tomorrow is the big day on Live Nation's site for the main sale day.

    These bastards don't come around much!
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    So happy to see someone else starting a topic about Toadies! As a Texan, they are a source of pride and a band I've loved since I was 12. I've probably seen them in concert over 40 times...

    Just for fun and to get conversation started, here's my review of their last album, Play.Rock.Music. http://ourvinyl.com/toadies-lp-play-rock-music/ Personally I think it's much better than No Deliverance and is almost as good as Hell Below/Stars Above. What did you other Toadies fans think?

    Here's an interview I had to privilege to do a while back where Vaden discusses how he was in the beginning stages of putting together the Rubberneck 20th anniversary package, among other things: http://ourvinyl.com/catching-toadies-vaden-todd-lewis/

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    Donít know if there are any Toadies fans still around these parts. Finally got around to listening to their most recent album, The Lower Side of Uptown. Itís a sturdy album driven by their distinct sound, although nothing groundbreaking about it. Itís good to see these guys still going.

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