I saw it about a week ago and I thought it was pretty entertaining overall, within the context of an oversaturated fantasy epic movie industry. I was afraid that Tarsem's highly stylised, extravagant look would get lost amidst the generic CGI epicness, but I think that despite a few instances where you can draw similarities between Immortals and other films (mostly 300, a bit of Clash of the Titans as well), Tarsem managed to put his distinct personal stamp here. Granted, his visual style may be the very thing that annoys some people, but I'm not one of them so I was pleased. The film as a whole certainly doesn't stake a claim as anything notably original or groundbreaking, but it gets the job done. I may even go as far as claiming it had a sort of sinister atmosphere that sets it apart. The gore-fest that we are served in certain parts does get a bit ridiculous, but it's something I can live with. The actors do a respectable job, as much as one could hope in such a film, and Roorke creates a pretty badass Hyperion.

Research-wise, a plus on the passable use of Ancient Greek (my knowledge is limited, but it sounded mostly correct). A minus on the use of the name Stavros, which along with 300's Stelios, are quite modern name variants. This doesn't mean anything to most people worldwide, I know. Imagine a medieval english setting where one of the characters was named Bill or Doug and you'll get the idea. But yeah anyway, that's just a nitpick, overall an enjoyable film. Those who like Tarsem's visual style won't be disappointed I think.