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Thread: A-Z of Genres/Styles/Catch-Alls/Miscellaneous etc.

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    A-Z of Genres/Styles/Catch-Alls/Miscellaneous etc.

    as with the A-Z of artists, here's a thread that organizes all the catch-all threads about genres or styles or general music discussion in one convenient place. jmtd mentioned he might not be interested in collecting these and doesn't have much free time to update it, so i can keep track of this one. feel free to nail, or place just after jmtd's original list if you merge this into the A-Z thread.


    60s Girl Group Greats
    80s Thread, The
    90s Thread, The
    All Things Dubstep

    Asian Music Thread
    Canadian Music Thread
    Children's Music
    Christmas Music
    Classic Rock
    Classical Music
    Coldwave / Post-Punk
    Comedy Music - The Thread
    EBM / New Beat
    Electronica [Really Super Cool Electronica Thread]
    Emo / Screamo / Related
    Emotionally Unstable Music
    Enemies List Home Recordings
    Factory Records
    Film Composers
    Fun, Lighthearted Music
    Halloween Music
    Industrial and EBM [All Things...]
    Jangle Pop / Paisley Underground
    Metal Thread, The
    Music With Ethereal Female Vocals
    Music Videos
    Neofolk and Martial Industrial
    Non-English Music
    "Official" Grunge Thread, The
    One Man Rock Bands
    Outlaw Country
    "Pop" Thread, The

    Producers / Engineers
    Progressive Rock
    Rap Metal / Nu Metal [Stuck in the 90s]
    Rap Music
    Shoegaze / Dreampop
    Trip Hop / Ambient
    UK Grime/DNB/Jungle/whatever thread
    Video Game Cover Artists/Bands


    2000s- What was it?
    5.1 surround music

    Amazing collaborations
    Apple in talks to buy Beats Electronics
    Coachella 2012
    Coachella 2013
    Coachella 2014
    Concerts Thread, The
    Controversial Music Opinions

    Daisy, The Streaming Service from Beats
    Definitive Home/Mobile/Car audio equipment thread
    Drummers Thread, The
    Eurovision 2013
    Favorite triumphant lyrics
    Festival Thread, The
    Karaoke Thread, The
    Little things that piss you off...about music
    Lyrics - Post Your Favorites
    Lyrics that depict your current disposition...
    Merits of Music, The
    Most Recent Musical Purchases Thread, The
    Music Documentaries

    Music Industry - Album Prices - File Sharing
    Music Journalism: The Thread
    Music T-Shirts / Merch
    Opinions of Music Based On Positive and Negative Emotions/etc.
    Radio Thread, The
    Random Music Headlines

    Random Music Questions
    Record Store Day
    Record Store Day 2012
    Record Store Day Black Friday
    Record Store Day 2014
    Remix/Remodel/Rework [The Remix Thread]
    Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, The
    Scary songs
    Shitty Music (The Nickelback Thread) [Shit On Music]
    Similar Album Covers
    Song Recognition [HELP] Thread
    Thread of Forgotten and Underrated Music
    Vinyl Collectors Unite!
    What Are You Listening To?

    What songs comfort you
    Your favorite band's misheard lyrics
    YOUR local music scene


    1994 --- your top 20
    2011 in Music [The Best Albums of 2011]
    2012 Music Recommendation Thread
    2013 Music Appreciation Thread
    2014 Music Appreciation Thread
    Awesome live videos
    Bad albums released by good bands
    Best Album By Year [In My Lifetime]
    Best of 2014
    Best *CD* Double Albums
    Best Film Scores
    Concerts You Attended in 2014
    Covers Thread (Better Or Worse?)
    Favorite poledancer/stripper jams
    Most Anticipated Albums of 2015
    Most Depressing Songs
    Music Library Shuffle Game, The
    Name all the bands that you've seen
    Playlist Suggestions [New Wave, etc.]
    Second [to] last songs on albums
    The Song Shuffle thread
    Songs you like by bands that you don't
    Top 10 Live Concerts You Have Been To
    Top 25 Albums of All-Time
    Top 25 Favorite Bands
    Websites to Discover New Music
    Your Favorite Songs
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