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Thread: Random General Headlines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinsai View Post
    The fucked up part here is, this guy WAS overreaching. You can't act like that and not expect to have somebody shut you down in some whimpering way. He had to have known that. You can't come to the floor in that sort of environment and starts shouting about how the opposing party is guilty of stuff... even if everything you're saying is true.
    except you want them to play by the normal rules of decorum whereas the Republicans have thrown them all out the window. Ron Johnson wants it both ways when he goes out to events: you play by their rules and they get pissed off.

    Sen. Ron Johnson booed at Milwaukee's Juneteenth celebration
    "You've got some people here that are sort of nasty," Johnson said amidst the boos. "It's unfortunate. Again, this is not how you heal this nation. You come down here, you try to interact with people, you try to be nice. This isn't very nice, is it?"
    Boo-hoo you racist fuck.

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    it really is the thing we're dealing with at this point, isn't it? The rules of decorum, under the Trump administration, got INSANE. Everything got insane.

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