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Thread: Life in general: does it suck or is it awesome?

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    Thanks for your reply.
    I wish we had known those statistics a couple of years ago. The whole thing is so messed up.
    And yah, she donated a kidney to my Dad just before 9/11. He had so many health problems. The wrongful conviction ate him up.

    The appeal is just now getting underway. I don't have high hopes.

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    Hopefully this will fit here, latest Kurzgesagt video The Egg seriously got me. It seems to be based on 2009 story, but it's new for me. So, you are... me.

    "Every time you victimized were victimizing yourself. Every act of kindness you’ve done, you’ve done to yourself. Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human was, or will be, experienced by you."

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