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Thread: Guns N' Roses

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckaroo View Post
    I am not the biggest Guns N' Roses fan, but I always thought Chinese Democracy was actually pretty great. What was the general consensus on that album? Was it really disliked that much? A lot of the songs are really strong and the guitar playing is phenomenal. I thought is was more consistent that UYI I & II even though it didn't have anything as "classic" sounding... but if Better, There was a Time or Sorry had been promoted they might have been pretty popular in my opinion.
    I think it was so long in the making it will always be judged as a let down. People will automatically think, this took THAT long to make?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GulDukat View Post
    Absurd--I really dig this song, but I totally get why others wouldn't. Not single material to be sure, but it works for me. Definitely a Chinese Democracy-era song with Slash adding a few solos, which work, IMHO.

    Hard Skool--Love this song. Sounds like UYI-era meets Chinese Democracy, with an emphasis more on the former. Better than some of the rockers, i.e., "Garden of Eden," and "Riad" from those albums. If the band hadn't fallen apart, I imagine this is what a GN'R song may have sounded like in the late 90s. Sounds a lot more like GN'R than "Absurd." I can even hear shades. of Velvet Revolver here.

    If we get an album with these two songs, and ten more i.e., "Atlas Shrugged" that sound like these, I will be very pleased.
    I really hope there's a new album, even if it is made up of stuff from CD sessions.
    Hope they release Perhaps too

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