Alrighty, we were pretty relaxed on this for the festival run since a lot of the shows were streamed live. After last night's debut of the Tension tour, it was hard to keep track of who was there and who wasn't in the St. Paul thread because people were asking questions and reacting to videos and pictures coming out of the show instead of waiting for the attendees to get home and post their stuff.

SO! We've started a new version of the fapping thread here -!

This thread contains setlist and visual spoilers. Also, as was the rule on the old board, going forward, DO NOT POST IN SHOW DATE THREADS UNLESS YOU WERE IN ATTENDANCE. The idea is to have people post their experience, pictures and videos and to keep each show's thread clean and organized so it can be mined for specific videos, pics, etc. Please, PLEASE keep these show threads on topic and please, PLEASE stay out of them unless you were in attendance. Thanks!