I have a theory that there is a prank going on, where you have to convince your friends that Money Heist is a good show. There is no other explanation to why its so popular. This is some of the dumbest shit I've ever seen, and I loved Prison Break, so I am no stranger to origamis and dumb cops. But this is something else. Blind snipers, most stereotypical dumb female lead, dumbest male lead, character building through random chats about childhood, and a whole lotta empty threats. Seriously, if you want to watch a show about meaningless threats, watch this one. Usually, if you see a mexican standoff, you're like "oooooohhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiit". In this show? If it didn't happen at least twice then it's a miracle.

I'm nearly finished with season 2, but holy shit, it is beyond me how can people think this is a good show. It's very funny, it's entertaining, but the same way Sharknado is. The best description I read about this is that it's a high budget telenovella. Strip away the budget and all you have are a couple of people who are constantly arguing with eachother and switching personalities three times during an episode.

Here's my guide to the series: if you ever find yourself wondering if someone will die or at least come through with their threats, then the answer is no.