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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinsai View Post
    I don't like Neil Strauss, but he's good at hooking you in with the gory details. His Game book also, and the Manson biography.

    I think he's a fabricator and glamorizer, but I think he makes shit feel so real and believable, even when it goes to some crazy territory.
    But his version of Motley Crue on paper was way more definitive and godlike in its arc... he fails at this by the way, his final chapter where he redeems his characters... At least in The Dirt he didn't really. The movie tried to, and failed miserable, and wasn't gory enough to even earn the book's exoneration.
    There are a SHITLOAD of people on Nikki’s Instagram feed saying they think this movie is awesome. They’re either old and reliving the Crue days through this retarded movie or they’re young and missed the whole thing and recently discovered the Crue and they think this is like a nostalgic trip back in time.


    What would have been WAY better is a long “Behind the Music” doc. Those things were THE BEST. *sigh*

    There is a BUNCH of bullshit in this Crue movie. Like, straying from the book AND reality. Like, leaving out how Vince was TOTALLY SHITFACED HAMMERED when he wrecked the car and killed Razzle. And that Nikki wasn’t alone shooting smack when he OD’d and died; he was with a bunch of people, including Slash. And Tommy and Nikki didn’t discover Vince at a pool party in ‘81; they saw him in his band in ‘79, and it took YEARS to convince him to join their band. (And Billy Squire’s “My Kind of Lover” was released in ‘81, two years after they’d met Vince.)
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