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Thread: The Friendship Thread

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    I've only really had temporary acquaintances for the past 4-5 years. Never been able to actively keep in contact with anyone for more than a year without being forced to see them regularly because of stuff like school.

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    Anyone lose touch with someone a REALLY long time ago? Ever had a major falling out with a bestie? There's hope...

    I recently had my 20 year high school reunion and as a result of having to help contact people to come, I ended up getting back in touch with a close friend that I had been out of touch with for 17 years. Then, that same weekend, I got an apology from someone who was once my best friend and had hurt me pretty badly. We didn't bother speaking to each other for 10 years. She wasn't at my class reunion, but she got in touch with me after seeing pre-reunion stuff on Facebook. The one from 17 years ago couldn't be at the reunion, either. Both of these ladies live on the east coast. But it sure feels good to have no more dangling shit from the past, or missing puzzle pieces.

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