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I think (okay, I hope) that the vast majority of the petitioners are just jumping on it as a meme or a joke. I don't think they actually expect results (or even a response). I certainly don't think they feel entitled to one.

I'm sure *some* people do, but there are always gonna be some crazies out there.
People on my own Facebook are spamming it (after signing it) hoping that HBO will actually put millions of dollars and hold off on any GoT spinoffs for the sake of completely reshooting a season that’s already 5/6 of the way over. I’ll admit I shared the story myself, but signing anything like that goes nowhere, unless someone (in this case, HBO) actually opens a petition to gauge interest, and even then...

I do think it’s useful for showing how many people are displeased with the current season, though. The best they can hope for is that HBO learns their lesson and tries to avoid doing something like this in the future.