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Thread: RITC's Audio/Video Recording Thread - Download Links

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    Nice @klyrish I just had a chance to look it over. Great stuff! I've been pretty swamped working the past week or so and now getting caught up on stuff!

    Does anyone know CreativePixElation on YouTube? They have recorded a bunch of shows from 2005-2018. I would really love to have their footage on the archive.

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    ^^ @ninlive
    Well they seem to reply to comments every once in a while and they are subscribed to your channel as well. Maybe give it some time time before the notice your question.
    They used to have an email - their name @, but who knows if it's active - their website (linked on About page) has been down for a while.
    Also found his profile at few other places which I can PM to you if he doesn't reply on YT.
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