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I think at the same time Phish were playing the main stage. But man, NIN brought it.

With the Corona holding me in for the week. I thought I'd get a lot of stuff done in terms of tapes that I have acquired... As well as getting some more videos on the archive. Here is what I have added today.

NIN 05/31/2005 San Diego - Added @NotoriousTIMP's uncirculated audio recording
NIN 05/30/2005 San Diego - Added NotoriousTIMP's uncirculated audio recording
NIN 04/10/2007 Helsinki - Added Adihash's video source.
NIN 05/07/2007 Brisbane - Added Nik Z's video source.
NIN 05/13/2007 Melbourne - Added an unknown video source.
NIN 08/01/2007 Moscow - Added Phunkphorce's video source
NIN 06/13/2009 Bonnaroo Music Festival - Added my HD video source.

More to come this week! I was super stoked to add TIMP's San Diego club sources. We talked just about 10 years ago about some of these tapes that he did. But there were no transfers. Great to finally add them.
Thanks, Ryan!