I can kinda see Sony going full on in their own Spidey Universe now, the thing they've wanted (and failed) for years. They already have Venom, which whether you liked it or not made Sony 800 million, and they want Spidey in it. And the Spider-verse (which is the best Spidey film don't @ me!) problem is without Marvels input this will be headed by the Sony exc's...and they are fucking clueless! The only reason Spidey-verse was as good as it is was because they left the team alone (because they don't think animation is as good as 'real' films FFS) and the Spidey films had big input from Marvel and Kevin, left to their own devices we get Venom...i can't see fan's or regular film goers stick around if they do fully split.

This is also an example of Disney throwing their weight around which is a sign of times to come (as much as i like the current Disney output it is NOT good they have so much power over so many things now)

...at least we'll finally get mutants though