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Thread: 2013.10.31 - Orlando, FL @ Amway Center

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricKoolaid View Post
    I see The Master already kinda mentioned it, but what about parking? Ticketmaster seems to be saying it costs $20 to park in the garage right by the venue; screw that. I can walk a mile if it saves me $20. So where are some good parking places?
    Well usually parking is $1 dollar per hour under the bridge nearby. But I'm sure they are enforcing their "pound me in the ass" prices now! I think the 20 dollars is for the Geico garage or whatever they're calling it now. Depending on where you're coming from, if you head north on Garland and take a right on Pine there will be a parking garage right after the fire station. It's always $10 dollars, even during basketball games and Halloween, at least last year it was. If you park there you can just walk through the building down below and exit onto Church street. Spits you out right in front of Five Guys Burgers. And like previously noted before, if you park at The Plaza ($10) and smoke cigars, your parking will be validated (park for free) if you spend over $20 bucks at Corona which is located right on the corner of the Plaza. I suggest buying yourself a Tatuaje Jason Voorhees cigar, limited edition for Halloween. It's a full bodied stogie. Mmmmmm. :P

    This just in...

    Parking is available through the Amway ticket site for only 8 dollars now. Here is the link.

    And meanwhile on stubhub tickets in the nose bleed section are going for $57 dollars. I'd go with Steve's deal up above though if possible, getting seats in the club section for only $61 is a steal! With the promo code CLUB you get them half price! I would have gotten those seats just for the club experience if I would have known about it before we got the 3rd row seats up front. And if anyone has some crazy cheap deal on tickets PM me or post on here! My friend wants to go but he has to be cheap, had an expensive vet bill for his cat!
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